Sundy Best

Sundy Best is an American country duo formed by Nick Jamerson and Kris Bentley currently living in Lexington, Kentucky, and originating from Prestonsburg, Kentucky. Their music is a blend of country, Appalachian folk, bluegrass, rock, soul, and R&B.[2]

They released their album Bring Up the Sun in 2014.

  • Name: Nick Jamerson and Kris Bentley
  • Genres: Country, Folk, Rock
  • Origin: Prestonsburg, Kentucky
  • Years Active: 2010 – 2018
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More About Sundy Best

Sundy Best is formed by two friends since elementary school, Nick Jamerson and Kris Bentley, from Prestonsburg in Eastern Kentucky. Both were athletes in college, with Jamerson playing football while at University of Pikeville where he studied English, and Bentley played basketball at Centre College in Danville where he studied history. They formed a duo after college, and moved to Lexington, Kentucky in August 2010. Jamerson performs as the lead vocalist and plays the guitar, with Bentley on the cajón drum. Their name refers to the way they pronounce “Sunday best”, their best clothing worn in church where they began playing music together on Sundays during their senior year in high school.

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