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Dennis Walker

Born in Columbus Ohio, with deep roots in Eastern Ky and all along the Country Music Highway from beginning to end.

With 40 years, give or take, in the broadcast industry and a passion for photography. That’s my passion, but my love is music. I’ve an appreciation for every genre, however I don’t listen to opera much lol.

The one song I can remember hearing on the record player as a small child is Tex Ritter, “I Dreamed Last night I Was In HillBilly Heaven“.

I’ve lived in Eastern Ky since 1971. I had the pleasure of working for a time at the same radio station in Prestonsburg that Tom T. Hall had worked at many years before and heard stories from the “boss” he speaks of in various songs along with actual events that were the inspiration for some lyrics in songs. The region of The Country Music Highway is so full of talent, which is the focus of CMH23 radio.