Album Review by Adam Gearheart – Chris Stapleton’s sophomore release

Chris Stapleton’s From A Room: Volume 1 album was produced in Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A, once graced by all time greats like Willie, Waylon and many other legends! Some monster hits have been produced from this hallowed studio. Following his epic 2015 debut, Traveller, Chris had his work cut out for him to deliver a second release equally impressive. Traveller, earned Chris numerous CMA and Grammy wins which propelled his star into the stratosphere, amongst all the greats! Country Music Highway’s bearded bluesman is now the hottest thing in country music! He’s become the next great outlaw on the big stage. Opening up for the likes of resurgent hard rockers, Guns N Roses! Performing with megastars Alison Krauss, Adele and JT has Stapleton becoming one of the most sought after duet performers. And, of course, the angelic backing harmony vocals from his wife, Morgane, makes him much stronger! She turns him into Superman with her inspiration! It seems like Chris became an instant legend in 2015 while supporting Traveller. He had huge boots to fill while preparing for his sophomore effort. In May 2017, two years after his debut, Stapleton released From A Room: Volume 1! First single was an immediate fan favorite (“Broken Halos”), this sing-a-long put Chris back in the Billboard Hot Country Charts. Then the soulful (“Either Way”) also landed in the Top 50 Hot Country Songs Billboard charts. Needless to say, From A Room: Volume 1 is off and running, making its way up the charts with some of the best tracks yet to surface. Like (“Second One to Know”), this rhythm guitar driven country rebel stomper is sure to be a future cult classic! Chris’s songwriting skills are second to none in the modern country music scene! Point in case, (“Up to No Good Livin’”) a song the Possum would have been proud of! I can see George putting his heart and rockin’ soul into the line (which I think is one of the all time great lines in country music),”People call me the Picasso of painting the town.” I love singing along to this, damned if I do, damned if I don’t, track! The song (“I Was Wrong”) has Stapleton channeling Stevie Ray Vaughn in this bluesy goose bump riser. Chris shows his vulnerable side with this one, as well as, his tremendous vocal range. Talkin’ about down and out, (“Them Stems”) shows that Chris remembers some hard times. Lol, this is a fun song that keeps my foot a tappin’! Bet he hasn’t had to do that in a while now, huh? Only the best for my man, CS! I could go on and on, but I must recap and bring this album review to a close. In my humble opinion I think From A Room: Volume 1 is a better album than Traveller! Will Chris get the accolades and chart toppers with From A Room: Volume 1 that he got from Traveller? That’s a tall order, but I promise you if you buy this album you won’t be sorry! You will wear it out this summer, whether on CD or your favorite music device. I’ve never had the hair stand up on the back of my neck the way it does when I’m listening to Stapleton while driving down Country Music Highway 23! This music makes me proud to be an American, an east Kentuckian to be exact. Stapleton’s legion of fans are fiercely loyal! During our local 41st Annual Hillbilly Days Festival, the East Ky Expo Center hosted a two-night Chris Stapleton showcase, which sold out in just an hour. So far, in 2017, this is easily my favorite album! Get well soon Mr. Traveler, CMH23 wishes you nothing but the best and huge success on your latest work! I give this 5 stars, a must have for your music collection!

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