Patty Loveless

atty Loveless (born Patty Lee Ramey; January 4, 1957) is an American country music singer. Since her emergence on the country music scene in late 1986 with her first (self-titled) album, Loveless has been one of the most popular female singers of neotraditional country. She has also recorded albums in the country pop and bluegrass genres. Loveless was born in Pikeville, Kentucky, and raised in Elkhorn City, Kentucky, and Louisville, Kentucky. She rose to stardom thanks to her blend of honky tonk and country-rock and a plaintive, emotional ballad style.

  • Birth Date: January 4, 1957
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar
  • Place of Birth: Pikeville, Kentucky
  • Occupation: Singer-songwriter
  • Years Active: 1973–1975; 1985–present
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Her late-1980s records were generally popular, earning her comparisons to Patsy Cline, but most critics agree that she came into her own as an artist in the early 1990s. To date, more than 40 singles by Loveless have made the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including five in the number 1 position. She has recorded 14 studio albums (not counting compilations); in the United States, four of these albums have been certified platinum, and two have been certified gold.[2]

She has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1988.[3][4] Loveless was married to Terry Lovelace, from whom she derived her professional name, from 1976 to 1986. She has been married to Emory Gordy Jr., who is also her producer, since 1989. ◦ Name: Patty Lee Ramey


  • 1986: Patty Loveless
  • 1988: If My Heart Had Windows
  • 1988: Honky Tonk Angel
  • 1990: On Down the Line
  • 1991: Up Against My Heart
1993: Only What I Feel
  • 1993: Greatest Hits
  • 1994: When Fallen Angels Fly
  • 1996: The Trouble with the Truth
  • 1997: Long Stretch of Lonesome
  • 1999: Classics
  • 2000: Strong Heart
2001: Mountain Soul
  • 2002: Bluegrass & White Snow: A Mountain Christmas
2003: On Your Way Home
  • 2005: Dreamin’ My Dreams
2007: 16 Biggest Hits
2008: Sleepless Nights
  • 2009: Mountain Soul II